about us

We are Elena & Alex, and our Australian Shepherd’s name is Astro. Our goal is to spread as much awareness as we can on the issue of taking better care of the planet. So we’ve decided to do something a little out of the ordinary: purchasing a Sprinter van where we’ll travel and live in for as long as we like. We aspire to inspire by living minimalistically, sustainably and moving away from corporate-world society and becoming involved in a more local and natural-based one.

I, Elena, am the writer and sustainable lifestyle advocator here. Alex captures the captivating photos and designs the website. We’re partners in our adventures, supporters in each others endeavors. Together, we go around as journalist and photographer, a couple of nomads setting out to motivate and inspire people to reconnect with nature and the earth because it’s a 100% necessity.

Our belief, and our goal, is for people and society to one day find a way to co-exist with the planet. Through shifting our lifestyle habits and routines, we can greatly reduce our damaging impact on Mama Earth.

Join us, read our blogs and connect with us!

Let’s vote for a healthy future for ourselves and the planet. Follow us on our travels to experience alternative lifestyle and what it means.



Ballet Dancer

Elena is the writer. A Boston native, her heart lies in the bustle of the big city as well as in the rawness of nature.  Her life aspiration lies in journalism, where she plans to spread awareness on environmental and social issues. She is also a former ballet dancer, a pianist, loving barista and nutritional cook. She’s constantly on-the-go for seeking out small businesses that produce creative products with a heart and soul behind them. And something she’ll never stop doing is writing.


Web Developer

Alex is a native of Bulgaria, but identifies himself as an American (this is where his heart lies, really). He’s a self-taught photographer, and his true skills lie in numbers. He’s now graduated to the next level and is serving as the developer behind our content and the renovator of our van. He is also the brains behind some of our articles. Alex prides himself in being a former fencer, a lover of online games, a developing skater, a skilled sportsman in almost every sport and an aspiring marathon runner.

our story

Our story began in Boston, Massachusetts and we decided to embark on a journey out West. We were determined to explore the beauty of this enchanted land while we road tripped out to California, holding the idea that something different and exciting was waiting for us out there. It turns out there was – in a way. We recognized the improvement in our overall self beings is somehow associated with living a more emancipated lifestyle. While living out here, we’ve discovered our ability to liberate ourselves from the norm – conventional standards, per se – and fully become our explorer, intrepid selves. In a way, we’re experimenting, just as we are exploring and becoming.

Our main purpose is to share and promote conscious and sustainable living to others. By exploring what it means to live consciously, our aim is to share our explorations and discoveries with you. Perhaps we could all learn a little more each day, week or even month. As a result we can make some kind of an impact – one person at a time. With the blog, we want to document and share our experiences, our thoughts, our philosophies, and our vision with others. Outside the realm of blogging, we want to build ourselves up to share and show the world what alternative living, being and thinking can look like and how it can be implemented to your life and others. 

what we both love

  • Hiking anywhere on the planet
  • Playing frisbee (in an area that isn’t windy)
  • Exploring the outdoors
  • Traveling
  • Playing with animals
  • Swimming 
  • Coffeeshop-hopping
  • Listening to music
  • Contemplating
  • Loving 
  • Living.