Creatively-stimulating. Anxiety-inducing. Slow-paced. High-maintenance. Adventurous (obviously). Thought-provoking (all the new sights, people, even different regional cultures – they can be pretty eye-opening!). Worrying. Tiring. Beautiful.

We’re making the best out of something that we knew was going to be challenging.

Yesterday evening, we drove out of Santa Barbara straight to Big Sur State Park (a classic for van-lifers, I must say). We made dinner, which had to be done faster than I’m used to given we only have a limited supply of solar energy that our high-voltage induction stove eats a huge portion of. But the dinner was delicious for a first-time van meal.

This morning, we headed up to Santa Cruz.

Adjusting to this new kind of lifestyle is not easy. But all it really is is different. What’s wrong with shifting out of your comfort zone from time to time? In fact, I’m a huge advocate for challenging monthly, weekly, or even daily habits and implementing new experiences and actions. I believe it should be done on a regular basis. And being the type who usually loves stability and routines, I have to be constantly reminding myself that my comfort zone is not very conducive to an ever-expanding lifestyle.

Anyways, back to the van.

The moment our wheels sped away out of Santa Barbara, I felt free. Everybody has slightly different variations of the definition of what freedom means to them. For me and Alex, I think traveling is that true definition. Of course, we value our individual rights and ability to choose the life we want independently. Maybe it’s the American in me, maybe it’s just what being human is all about. The freedom to choose. And we’ve chosen travel.

So since this is only day 1 of our big adventure, we’re looking forward to the unpredictability, instability, and the unknown of the days ahead.

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falconie zevallos

The more we see and hear, is when we get to understand the middle edge of things that were once created. but when we move and travel, we discover its beauty and the reason of its magical form. Then when we are back home, it is not longer for the eyes nor for the ears but for yes for the remembrance of the soul..
Happy travels to both!

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