(Written on June 26th, 2020 – 3 days after we left for the road.)

Upon driving out of the Bay Area, it’s been a complete sigh of relief as we entered the natural world: a city of trees and sidewalk of trails and epicenters of lakes and rivers. It’s so close to home and so far out in the middle of nowhere. 

We’ve arrived in Lassen National Forest, where we’re spending the night right on Lake Almanor. We’ve been fishing, running with the dog, inhaling the sweet scents of pine and freshwater, and hearing nothing but the sounds of nature. So soothing, so calming.

Coming from Santa Barbara, it’s not much of a city (more of a large town) but it’s still hectic. It still beats loud and heavy with the sounds of car horns and people’s discontent with the world. I would read the media a lot, trying to stay connected with what’s going on (especially this year). 

Out here in the wilderness, none of that seems to matter much. Somehow, nature just seems to envelop all global problems and make it disappear. 

The minute we stepped out of the van into an area surrounded by natural beauty, we knew it was instant freedom. It’s the freedom we’ve been looking for this whole time, and aspiring to feel again. 

We stepped out of the van and saw the views and smelled fresh – almost nontoxic – mountain air.

Our burdening, over talkative minds shut up and it was all being touched and absorbed by the heart. 

Here we are, now, parked by the lake and listening to the frogs singing outside, with nothing but a candle to illuminate our vision. The moon’s halfway lit, spilling white light onto the water. 

I think to myself, this is what the whole world needs right now. To re-discover simplicity. To come back to nature and reconnect with it. Maybe everyone will heal from it and the world will become a calmer place. 

And so I’ve said it: nature is pure therapy,

and it’s one form of extreme power that can invoke inspiration and harmony back into our lives. So when you get the chance, maybe peel yourself away from the humdrum of daily life and plant your feet in the soil and spread your arms in the atmosphere. Maybe you’ll feel alive once again.

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