While we labor day and night every day to finish this epic building of our little home, let’s just say that we don’t have it all to make this build close to perfection. Running off what I wrote in my previous blog post, Alex and I have never done a single aspect of this kind of work before we took on this project. To top it off, we have a small apartment that doesn’t have a garage, so most of our work has been out of our town’s Home Depot parking lot. And to top that off, our financial situation isn’t exploding either. 

I’d like to introduce you to the young, spontaneous, and slightly chaotic lifestyle of ours.

Am I being too honest? Perhaps, yes. But quite frankly I don’t care much.

In the beginning, we wanted this van build to be as close to perfect as one can get. We wanted it to look professional and luxurious – in other words, “Gucci” all ‘round. You know the Instagram pictures of #Vanlife with people sipping some kind of fancy pinot noir from their crystal glasses inside their heavenly-looking mini-home on wheels, probably sporting a brand new 2019 Mercedes Sprinter that was converted by the hands of a professional van building company? Not us. 

There’s nothing wrong with a home that shines such photogenic beauty. If you have the resources and the money, yes it can be an easy build with rewarding results. But a lot of us don’t have the luxury to pursue such a fantasy. In the beginning, we both thought this fantasy would become a reality. 

But no, who were we kidding? We’re amateurs in the process, and yet, we’re learning SO much. And you know what I love about us doing it ourselves on a tight budget and no experience? We have persevering ambition. It’s tireless, and invigorating when we see things from the big picture. And this fire hasn’t died out yet and perhaps never will. 

Envisioning us out on the road and living a life of freedom and fulfilling experience is the real dream. Now that I introspectively survey my intentions behind this project, I realize that wanting everything to look top-notch pretty in this build is – I’ll say it – almost materialistic. Am I not feeding the societal problem of incessant consumerism? Wanting more things and slapping on a facade just to make others envious? Am I focusing more on the things I have and less on the experience Alex and I are aiming for?

Not that materialism is wrong,

I love quality boots and a nice laptop. But to throw a huge portion of my energy into wanting the interior of this van to be utterly resplendent and match all the other builds on Pinterest and Instagram? It’s a waste of energy. 

The goal of this new chapter in our lives is to experience through a life of travel and adventure.

The van is the base and the place we cozy up to when we’re tired or when it’s raining outside. But I don’t need it to be ultra-modern, beaming expensive appliances and decor that only exists for show. 

So, with that being said . . .

We have about a week left of van work (if everything goes according to plan). From then on, I’ll be focusing on documenting our travels and posting tips based on experience during our travels. Stay tuned, and stay connected!

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