Have you ever wished you weren’t tethered to an apartment and instead have your home on wheels? Just imagine for a moment the possibilities that unravel when you become a road warrior. And how about juggling the seasons? Are you a summer person? You could drive away from the cold. Prefer winter and enjoy winter sports? Better get comfortable near a ski resort up in the mountains. How about you do all this while not spending money on rent?

Becoming a road warrior

It certainly sounds enticing to you, if you have stumbled upon our blog. It’s a long transitional journey, but it all starts with the idea – break away from conventional ways. Can somebody tell me why humans need to live in concrete jungles, slaving away at average wage jobs? Don’t tell me, because I know – just so that they can cover their rent, foods and basic amenities. All the while forgoing the opportunity of exploring this alluring planet we call home. Been there, done that.

Know your worth

Personally I know people who have been negatively conformed by society. All they’ve ever heard is: You cannot find a better job – you better keep the one that you have. You cannot take a two week vacation to an exotic place – you can’t afford it. You cannot get a raise – you need to improve your performance. How much of that is enough to crush a soul? It depends. Truth is, only you can instill the changes in your life.

Let’s imagine for a moment that life is an object. You certainly don’t want that object to be standing still and gathering dust while it decays. So let’s imagine it is a moving object (a van?). You are the sole pilot – you have the wheel and you could make a turn. And start gradually – I’m not saying make a U-turn right off the bat. But maybe initiate some kind of shifting in aspects of your life that you are mostly unhappy with.

Begin the journey

And be brave! The beauty is in the trial. Whether you succeed and feel happier, or you fail and suffer disappointment, you come out with knowledge. There’s always a lesson to be learned. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before – Life is a learning experience. You traverse through life as you undergo obstacles. You cannot proceed before jumping over each and every one of those hoops. And after overcoming each one you come out stronger and better. Over time you become more confident and things really do get easier once you believe in yourself!

And lastly..

I have a word of advice to those of you who perhaps are at a stage in your lives where living in a van is impossible and sounds blasphemous. I completely understand why you may feel unable to detach from the way you live. And maybe you don’t want to, because you feel comfortable. As long as you are content with your life, there shouldn’t be a need for change. But if not, please do recognize the unhappiness or depression you’ve fallen into. Do not fall down the rabbit whole trying to cope with it through the help of alcohol and drugs. Recognition is a step in the right direction – it means that you understand yourself. And understanding what makes you unhappy ultimately helps understanding what could possibly make you happy. Be strong and live on!

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